360 Degree Feedback Vs Traditional Feedback

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Studies have shown that almost all reputable organizations are making use of 360 degree feedback system instead of traditional feedback system for evaluating the performance and behavior of their employees. There has been a huge debate whether 360 feedback would be as effective as traditional systems.

Well, if one closely follows several studies it can be seen that the use of 360 feedback has gained a huge momentum. The reason behind it is very simple. The 360 degree tool provides a positive as well as constructive feedback about a target employee. In fact, studies have revealed that feedbacks provided through traditional feedback process were biased. Often, the deserving candidates were not correctly evaluated. However, the 360 degree tool could easily do away with this biased review.

360 degree feedback

Getting To Know the 360-Degree Tool
Are you interested to learn about 360 degree feedback tool? Well, it’s regarded as a multi-rater tool or a self-assessment tool that helps to evaluate the competencies of an employee. Basically, 360 feedback provides an anonymous feedback about an employee’s performance and behavior.

Everyone working within the organization can become a part of the feedback process. It included managers, supervisors, colleagues, peers, as well as clients. As it involves people from all sphere of the organization it reduces the chance of any biased judgment.

How It Is Different From Traditional Feedback Tool?

360 feedback is far better tool than the traditional feedback tool. Previously, only managers used to give a feedback about an employee. Often, the reviews were one sided. This resulted in the evaluation process being not proper and being not aligned with the mission or vision or goal of the business.360 feedback

However, with the introduction of 360 degree feedback all these hassles can be avoided. Mainly because 360 feedback makes use of entire workforce within the organization in order to give a feedback. Moreover, the tool helped to assess an employee’s growth and development. Apart from that it helped in setting goals for improved performance in near future.

Often, 360 feedback have helped employers to understand whether any employee need any kind of training or not. After all, training can help a person to improve. This, in turn, can work in favor of their growth. Well, this kind of assessment was not possible from a traditional feedback tool.

In short it can be said that the traditional feedback tool:

Is out of date.
Is not comprehensive.
Ratings are not properly defined.

How The Tool Helps?
360 degree feedback can be helpful for businesses as well for employees who work in the organization. Employers can find out the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. The individual strength can be used for business growth. On the other hand, employers can allot training sessions for overcoming the weakness. The tool can be best used for identify the gaps and skills of the employees. Care is taken so that after getting the ratings and review an employee can improve them.

360 degree feedback which basically provides a multi-source feedback can be far more effective than traditional feedback tools. It can bring in professional development of employees and help them to achieve success in their life.