How to Invoice as a Freelancer: The Complete Guide

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how to invoice as a freelancer

For example, if you work as a freelance photographer, you can use the Free Photography Invoice Template. It also allows you to list any costs incurred during the photography session, such as travel, props, or other expenses. Bonsai is a business management tool, and one of its features is a huge range of documents to help you do business better. Signing up is easy and completely free, and once you’ve signed up you’ll have access to Bonsai’s range of free, easy-to-use templates. This is the section where you can add specific terms related to the goods or services you offer.

Resources for Your Growing Business

Creating an invoice overwhelms almost every freelancer across the world. And hence, we are here with a complete guide on how to invoice as a freelancer. If you’re writing your own invoice, you might find using a template is easiest as most of the fields will be included already – you just need to customise to your specific needs. By automating the invoicing process with an invoice generator, you can focus on your core freelance work without the hassle of manually creating multiple invoices..

Include taxes and other fees

It could include a returns policy, information on your product warranty, copyright information, or anything else that applies to the type of work you’re providing. Ensuring accurate client details demonstrates that you’re professional and pay attention to details, which reflects well on you as a freelancer. The downside of the fast and seamless payment experience is the added transaction processing costs (which are for you to cover). Stripe takes a 2.9% + 30¢ cut per each successful card charge, while PayPal likes to sneak in some hidden fees for cross-currency payments. You can send an expense reimbursement request as a separate invoice or roll it into your final invoice. If you already have several clients with rigid Net 30+ terms, make sure your newest ones either pay a project advance or can accommodate a “due upon receipt” clause.

Breakdown of services

Read on to find out how to write an invoice like a seasoned freelancer. We also share tips for ensuring your invoices are helping how to invoice as a freelancer you generate a reliable income. Here’s a guide to the best small business payment options to help you get started.

  • If you do not charge taxes, the total amount due will be the same as the subtotal.
  • Quarterly tax estimations can benefit those with fluctuating income since you can adjust your estimated taxes every three months.
  • And once you have designed a unique template, creating an invoice out of that template is just like filling out a form.
  • Usually, late payments are unintentional and a simple reminder should do the trick.
  • Add a detailed description of the services or products sold, the quantity, and the unit price.

If you have created an invoice manually, you must be well aware of the struggles and time the invoicing process takes. A thank you note shows your gratitude towards the customer for having business with you. This makes you professional and also helps in customer satisfaction. This makes the customer more likely to choose your services for future projects as well. So, let’s talk about all the three major types of freelance invoices, and pick the perfect invoice for your business. Freelancers in the UK can get paid by invoicing customers and clients directly, or through freelance platforms if that’s how they’ve found the client in the first place.

Include your contact’s information and email, as well as any other information you have on them. This is a great place for your company name and logo (if you have one), giving you an opportunity to show off your branding skills. While it’s not the biggest brand recognition opportunity, it does allow you to show off your business. If you do not charge taxes, the total amount due will be the same as the subtotal. If taxes don’t apply to your work, simply mark this line as “0”. Your second column will describe the work performed (i.e., social media management, software testing, consulting services).

how to invoice as a freelancer

Final invoices are necessary for completed projects or those with a duration of less than a month. These invoices detail the total amount due for the services rendered and serve as a formal request for payment. Ensuring that your final invoice is accurate and includes all relevant information will help facilitate prompt payment and maintain a professional image in the eyes of your clients. Using templates alone, you don’t have a centralized system for easy storage.

How do I make an invoice for freelancing?

  • You’ve got to do your part when it comes to getting paid on time, and this includes making sure your invoice is on point.
  • The key is to set clear terms with your client at the start of your working relationship to ensure timely payments.
  • Freelancers often face problems such as not receiving the correct payment amount or not receiving it on time.
  • We’re here to make invoicing straightforward and efficient, so you can focus on your projects and clients.
  • We’ll start off by showing you an invoice example, so you can visualize how all the elements come together.

Any client information you include in your invoice must match the information in your contract. Clients may delay your payments — or withhold them entirely if there are differences. Deliver your invoice with a friendly email note or cover letter that includes a thank you in the body of it. This extra touch will with any additional follow-ups about due payments. Make sure to include and separately list any applicable taxes and that you understand tax rules for freelancers.

how to invoice as a freelancer

Keyword Research and Use for Freelancers

  • Your fourth and final column on that line should be the sum total of the work on that line.
  • This ultimately leads to a more streamlined invoicing process, allowing you to get yourself paid faster and focus on growing your freelance business.
  • Payment processing apps like PayPal, Stripe enable other ways for accepting client payments — via a payment link or a debit/credit card processing.
  • As a solopreneur, you can shape your career trajectory, pursue your passions, and dictate your work-life balance.
  • Choose a payment method that works for your clients and your business too.
  • An invoice, on the other hand, is an official request for payment, which is why you should use one if you want to get compensated for the work you’ve done.

In cases such as those, you might want to take legal action – and your invoice becomes proof of the transaction. The invoice number enables simple identification and distinction of specific invoices over longer engagements involving multiple project billings and payments. Sign up with Remote for locally compliant contract templates and simple payments at just $29 per month, with no hidden fees. Our contractor management platform gives companies around the world access to the best global talent so they can scale their businesses and succeed in today’s competitive economy. Learn more about how Remote can help contractors take charge of their business and ensure smooth sailing when it comes to invoicing and payments.